What a bright, dark, weird, fun, unfun year 2013 has often been! WOW! Someone please order me some balloon. Mayke sure at least one of them is black.

Art is my life… more rather creativity is my life. Always will be. But what if I give art making a tap on the shoulder and tell it that this might be a good time to become something more of a passionate hobby? Yes, that’s what I’m doing. And that is why I haven’t been updating my website for a while. Changes have been coming.

This site wil continue. Some new things will be posted. BUt I will be shifting most of my time and energy to other creative pursuits… and believe me, there are many. Please bare with me. And check back soon for something of an announcement that I can’t wait to make.

Thank you for years of support durning my constant fun struggle in the world of art making. It’s been well worth my time, and I think the crystal ball is telling me that everything coming up is going to be great.



I am about to retire my 2006 iMac, a computer that has been a darn good machine that scarcely ever gave me an issue.

Time to put my newly purchased late 2009 Macbook to use.

Goodbye old friend.


Typically, I start each year slowly… whether by my own planning, or just by how things happen to develop. It has a sort of calm that I enjoy, but it is also a bit frightening because it always leaves me on edge, wondering when things will pick up.

Aside from finishing up some 2012 projects, it looks like I already have a really good start for the winter months and I’d rather be busy than cold. So watch for previews of my first 2013 projects… coming soon!



Today is my birthday. I am officially 36 years old. I think this particular age is going to be a good harbinger for making art and doing creative things. Why 36? I am a numbers nerd and it just feels right.

Happy Birthday to me.



Quite a long time since I posted here! 900 days? 50? LOTS! I’ve been getting used to a new computer and that’s been a slow, fun trek to say the least.

But here I am again. For any of you other word-pressers, bloggers, or website havers: do you get a lot of spam? I have been getting a trickle of spammy comment since the initial opening of my website. A lot of stuff about Nike™ brand shoes.

It’ll be nice to possibly get a comment from a living human boy, or girl some day!

Hope all has been well with you. Take care… and beware.



2012 is getting darn close to winding down. Do I like that? Not really. But there is no stopping it now. With the election going on, all sorts of new technologies coming out and a hurricane set to cause some big trouble on the East Coast, it is days like these that I feel weird just being a fella that makes, and sells art.

But it’s what I know and what I do. Maybe I am just feeling gloomy because of the bad weather around the corner.

And my heart goes out to anyone who is facing the dangers of Hurricane Sandy. Please stay safe. Things will return to normal soon enough.



Today is something special I have been waiting for for 6 years, because today is my ETSY SHOP 6th ANNIVERSARY! Your chance to score 33% off anything you order at

Thirty-three percent? A whole third off? Why not! PLUS: 3+3=6 and that is a very fitting number.

And there are bonus surprises! Yep, every order made from now until 10am on October 18th will come with extra-special bonus prints, or maybe t-shirts… possibly even sketches, or drawings.




Welcome. This is my new, and even more newely improved with more newness website. Yes,it has existed for a while, but unlike a fine wine that is made, bottled and allowed to do its magic untouched by human hands until it is ready to be opened, a website can be retooled, massaged, fixed, altered, edited, buffed, rebuffed, changed, updated, prepped, and rebooted over and over agin until it is ready.

And I really do think my site is ready.

While the core of this site should be remaining unchanged for some time now, you should expect a good stream of updated content to be posted as often as I can manage. And when new art is added, watch for postings about it right here on the FRONT DESK of my website.

Thanks for looking. Thanks for checking out my new-ified new things. Have a good day.



Here it is, that almost amazing time of year where the intense juggling process starts.

Being self-employed, I freely admit that there are parts of the year that tend to quite down, or have a very gentle pace. They are necessary and are perfect times to work on personal projects, or other larks I might have on my mind.

And then there are certain moments where the pace picks up, and then picks up some more, and then continues to lick up until the momentum is something that (for me) feels like running Willy Wonka’s factory almost 100% alone.

Yep, here it is… that break neck pace…. the events and projects pilled upon each other.

And yep, I love it. XO


So here it is… the truly interesting, always bustling, sometimes exhausting part of the year has started. The summer gloves are off, now replaced with the autumn ones… and soon enough, the winter ones.

And aside from a couple amazing art jobs I am currently working on, I want you to know that October 17th is a very special time. It marks the 6 year anniversary of my Etsy shop! Why year 6 instead of year 5? Well, it isn’t just because I am more obsessed with even numbers than odd number, but it is also because a huge art project from last year really kept me from being able to enjoy an anniversary sale. I paused it so the real fun could be had.

I’m still working out the details, but expect a bunch of fun! And art! And art fun!